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Glass of Paprika Trio dinner spread with spread bread in the background

Is good. Tastes good. Feels good.

For many of us, dinner is an important part of the day. Dinner isn’t simply a tasty slice of your favourite bread topped with delicious vegetarian bread spreads, but a chance to spend time with the ones you love. Dinner doesn’t stand for hours of preparation in the kitchen, but for families and friends coming together around the table to chat and wind down.

EU organic label


Tartex places great emphasis on sustainability which is why our products don’t just taste really good, they’re also made from top-quality ingredients all sourced from certified organic farming.
For many people, organic is a trend. For us, it’s a matter of principle. That’s why our standards go far beyond statutory minimum requirements: Our products need no artificial additives, flavour enhancers, aromas or colourings!

B Corp – Coming together for the good of the world

Tartex is officially a certified B Corporation which underlines just how seriously we take our responsibility for mankind and the environment. The internationally recognised B Corp certification means that companies balance out profit and sustainable corporate activity.
This drives us to do our best for the world – not just to be the best in the world. Because this is the only way forward.

Certified B Corporation