Vegetarian Pâté

100% ORGANIC – 100% VEGAN – 100% DELICIOUS

The new range of vegan pâtés from Tartex will transform any slice of bread into a delicious treat. Whether for breakfast or dinner, when you're out on the go or at home, our vegetarian spreads taste just as hearty and spicy as the finest spreadable sausage. And all this with premium-quality ingredients to boot: these 100% organic ingredients are handled with extreme care to preserve their nutrients. They reveal their truly unique flavour after several weeks spent ripening in barrels. Just take a bite and let the taste do the talking! 


Happy without meat? Of course! From now on, you no longer have to do without hearty, spicy spreads just because you've made the conscious decision to eat healthy. All this is thanks to the new vegetarian Tartex spreads – the tastiest alternative to spreadable sausage since Tartex developed the first vegetable spread.