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Pâté Rocket Mustard, 75 g

Pure delight that melts on your tongue: Creamy Tartex Pâté based on natural yeast and tofu or choice Pâté Crème made from finely ground sunflower seeds. You just have to try them!

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Sunflower oil*, water, sunflower seeds* (12.3%), MUSTARD* 10% (water, MUSTARD SEEDS*, vinegar*, sea salt, herbs*), rocket* (7%), apple juice concentrate*, lemon juice*, potato starch*, sea salt, MUSTARD SEED*, garlic*, dill*.
allergenic ingredients: mustard and products thereof

*= ingredients from organic farming

Nutritional values & analytical results per 100 g

energy content in kJ / 100 g or 100 ml1676 kJ / 406 kcal kJ
total fat content in grams38 g
of which saturates4 g
carbohydrates in grams per 100g10 g
of which sugars4,3 g
protein content in grams per 100g4,8 g
salt1,7 g
determining the nutritional values byanalysis

Allergies warnings

mustard and products thereofcontains
vegetables / legumescontains
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