When Tartex came up with the idea for the first purely vegetable-based spread over 60 years ago, a milestone was set for vegetarian food. Many others have followed in the footsteps of our success story since then, and they continue to do so today. We are constantly using our innovative flair and creativity to develop new products and recipes that are both easy to digest and have an incredible taste. Our products are a real treat for customers who demand more and refuse to compromise on the quality of their food.

Because we care for people and nature
We believe that in order to develop, all good things need to be rich in content and they must be given sustainable care and the necessary time to ripen and mature. This applies as much to the production of raw materials in agriculture as it does to developing successful commercial ideas. 
That's why at Tartex, we believe it is important to approach our business in an ethical, socially responsible way with an emphasis on sustainability and plenty of credibility. This applies to our dealings with staff, business partners, customers and suppliers, as well as to our treatment of the environment and nature.