We love the kind of food that's of such a high quality you can taste it in every single bite. We use selected raw materials and hand-picked ingredients to make our products – no artificial additives, flavour enhancers, colours or flavourings. Our nutrient-preserving manufacturing processes and controlled factory production yield premium-quality products bearing the official organic seal: vegetable, nutrient-enhanced and naturally ripened. But our approach to organic food doesn't just stop here.

More than 100% organic
Our products go through a number of processing steps and various stages of quality assurance on the journey from the natural raw ingredient to the shelf in the specialist shop. Each individual step is monitored, and the controls are carried out with the utmost care and documented with clear, comprehensive information.  

Our modern HACCP system goes above and beyond the requirements set out in the European food hygiene regulations, legal provisions which have been in place to protect consumers since 1998. Our food safety concept covers all the stages of process planning and documentation as well as regular risk analyses and hygiene checks. It also ensures that the origins of our products can be traced.

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and IFS, and our factory in Freiburg is certified according to the provisions of the Eco-Regulation. This officially allows us to manufacture organically farmed products, and in line with standards that our customers very much appreciate.