Our commitment to people and nature far exceeds the minimum legal requirements. We promote biodiversity and adopt a responsible approach to our use of resources, for instance in the active measures we take to protect the environment at our factory premises in Freiburg. As part of our social commitment, one of the things we advocate first and foremost is a healthier diet for children. 

Bee seeks blossom: project promoting fields in bloom for greater biodiversity.

This project increases the variety of flowers in our cultivated landscapes and helps strengthen biodiversity. To achieve this aim, mixed seeds are sown in selected areas in cooperation with regional associations, and the flowers are replanted again and again over a period of five years. 

This sustainable nature conservation project – which our Freiburg site is also involved in – uses bees first and foremost but also involves lots of other wildlife. The blossoming flowers are also a source of pollen in addition to nectar, and both of these resources are important for helping bee colonies grow. Farmers ultimately profit from the thriving bee colonies.

Experience diversity – let good things grow

Tartex is a partner of the initiative "Vielfalt erleben - Gutes wachsen lassen" (experience diversity – let good things grow). We have joined forces with a number of other partners to support this initiative, which campaigns for greater diversity and against genetic engineering in agriculture. 

Schools thrive on social commitment

Children who eat a healthy, balanced diet get off to a better start in school from the very outset. As one of the sponsors of the organic lunch box campaign "Bio-Brotbox", Tartex caters for breakfasts for first-year pupils at various schools throughout Germany on a regular basis. The campaign sees companies which are usually in competition with one another working together for a common cause, thus highlighting the emphasis on providing information at an early age and promoting healthy living among children in this campaign.

Environmental protection at our factory

We wholeheartedly advocate organic farming, sustainable farming methods and fair trade. The high demands we make on our partners and suppliers have also become an internal standard for us: we treat ecological and business aspects equally at our premises in Freiburg. Below are a few examples.


  • Lush, colourful vegetation: Our factory premises were planted with local and exotic vegetation in the early 1980s; over 200 different types of trees and shrubs now grow here. This has resulted in a beautiful area for employees to relax during their breaks.
  • Working in energy-saving mode: Our production processes run on low heat in order to save resources, reduce emissions and manufacture our products in the most nutrient-preserving and natural manner possible. In doing so, we use 100% certified green electricity from the region – obtained from water, sun, biomass and wind
  • Water consumption halved: Cold water recovery has allowed us to reduce water consumption for sterilising products and cleaning equipment by approx. 50%.
  • Sound-proofing measures: Extensive investments in the filling plant have significantly reduced noise pollution, making additional sound-proofing measures unnecessary in the long-term.
  • Less waste: In the early 90s, we introduced systematic separation of recyclable material and elimination of residual waste in our administration and production processes. Since then, coloured glass, plastics, cardboard and paper, metal, aluminium and wood have been collected in separate containers. The percentage of residual waste is now negligible.  
  • Focus on sustainability: Our environmental management system covers the planning, controlling, monitoring and improvement of all measures which promote ecological balance and the protection of natural resources. This includes a sustainable style of operational and staff management. Every year, we set ourselves new goals to realize our environmentally-friendly values.